Thank you for visiting the page of one of the oldest Aikido Clubs in Russia!


Center of Aikido "Kenage-Dojo" ("Courage and Diligence") is a part of Moscow Aikido Aikikai Federation ( MFAA ), which is among the Founders of the Russian Aikido Aikikai Federation ( FAAR ). We practice classical Aikido in our Dojo.

Head of the Center, Andrey Skorikov, has been practicing martial arts for more than 50 years already, as well as teaching Aikido for 20 years. Mr Skorikov is holding the 5th Dan in Aikido, as well as the title of Master of Sports in Sambo.  

3, Pokryshkina street, Moscow, Russian Federation. Telephone: +7 (926) 535-9166; +7 (916) 554-7189, E-mail: