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Our Club is one of the oldest Aikido Clubs in Moscow. It had passed the long way from the small university student group in the early 1990`s to the Interregional Public Organization - Center of the Aikido Development.

First Head of the Club - Ivan Antonov ( holder of the 2nd Dan ) - had organized the group of the Aikido-devoted people by his pure enthusiasm. Some of them: Alexander Raevich, Andrey Ivanov and Tatiana Limonova have been still training. Antonov Sensei`s keiko were conducted in the extreme and intensive manner. The main form of ukemi was the so-called "high ukemi". The beginners were facing difficulties - they had to "fly" from the first training days. Practice was very traumatic. Not everybody could overcome these curcumstances, those who did were either very talented or very patient. The group size was small, but the level of the practitioners was very high. Practice was carried out in the comfortable evening time at the gymnasium of the Moscow State Pedagogical University and was free of charge.   

The rent relationiship imposed to the Club in 1998 turned out to be the serious ordeal. Students were not able to pay for the keiko and the evening practice was suspended... Everything had to be started from scratch. Andrey Skorikov, who had been helping Antonov for the several passed years, had taked the charge.   

It worked out to keep the university student ( free of charge ) group, but the practice had been carried out in the morning time since than. "Every cloud has a silver lining" - in a one year time it was possible to launch the evening time subscription group and the Club became available for the everybody eager. Number of the practitioners had increased greatly. A lot of new interesting people had joined the Club and later became the instructors accordingly: Oleg Tkachenko, Andrey Vaulin, Alexander Stepanov and Dmitriy Gustov.   

One year later Andrey Skorikov was asked to to arrange the group in the Moscow University of the International Relationship by the students - Vladimir Chamov and Emin Vardanyan. The bureaucratical difficulties were overcame by their diligence and commitment. The group was opened and had reached a high level in a short time with the efforts of Vladimir and Emin, later Mikhail Mamonov and especially - the serious help from Tatiana Limonova ( that time - 1st Dan ).

There were a lot of the talented and diligent people in the Pedagogical University and the International Relationship University, who had been quickly progressing, due to the established relationship with Japan: 6 professional instructors have been carrying out the scheduled seminars in Moscow. A lot of Masters visit Russia unsystematicly. We had started to visit Japan ourselves - to learn.

Our Club has established close friendly relations with Inakoshi Sensei ( disciple of Kisshomaru Ueshiba ), and his friends Inagaki Sensei ( 8th Dan, disciple of the Founder of Aikido and Morihiro Saito ) and Suzuki Sensei ( his father was a famous Master of Kendo, mother and uncle were the uchi deshi of O Sensei ). This friendship - is a gift of the fortune. They share with us the secrets of Aikido, teach us the mastership, patience, diligence and responsibility. During the last years, despite the difficulties ( loss of the Dojo in the Pedagogical University, job problems among the members ( economical crisis ), we had survived and extended our network: the new groups were launched in the districts of Cheremushki ( Andrey Vaulin ), Novo-Peredelkino ( Dmitry Gustov and Alexander Stepanov ) and the State University of the Thin Chemistry Technology ( Oleg Tkachenko ). 

Calligraphy has been practiced in our Club for the several years already. Master of Calligraphy Kaori Ishijima has been teaching us for 2 years already. We had got a possibility to learn from the high-qualified specialist and to be attested for the grades of Kyu and Dan. Denis Voloshin has launched the group practicing Shinkageryu ( one of the oldest Japanese Kenjutsu schools ) in our Club in 2010.  

Our instructors are the high-qualified Aikido specialists, educated and versatile people. Among them there are a lot of the Candidates of Science and Masters of Sports. More than 1000 people ( adults and kids ) had carried out the Aikido training in the Club: about 300 people had successfully passed the examinations and were awarded by the grades from 5th to 1st Kyu. More than 30 people we attested for the black belt ( 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and the 5th Dan ) by the Japanese Masters and had obtained the certificates signed by Kisshomaru and Moriteru Ueshiba - son and and grandson of the Founder of Aikido. The eager can attend the individual training in Aikido, as well as boxing and self-defence, Japanese language and Calligraphy. We also arrange the diffenet seminars devoted the enhealthing practices and ivite the author of the Universal Combat System ( UNIBOS ) Alexander Medvedev, who is a Master of the Kung-Fu Shou-Dao style. These practices allow to understand the singularity of Aikido and imbibe the principles that underlie all the Martial Arts of the East.

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