Head of the Kenage Dojo Aikido Center is Andrey Skorikov. Mr Skorikov is holding the Aikido Aikikai 5th Dan as well as a Master of Sports degree in Sambo. 

Mr Skorikov is a specialist with a 50 years of experience in the Martial Arts. During the 1960s he was a student of A. Harlampiyev, the Founder of Sambo and L. Tyurin, the coach of the Moscow Region Sambo Team. Mr Skorikov is a professional painter and in the 1970s he had began exploring the links of painting and calligraphy with the Martial Arts of the East. In the 1980s he had been practicing the Kung-fu style of Shou-Dao and had been taking part in the A. Medvedev`s creation of the Universal Combat System ( UNIBOS ).  Mr Skorikov had also practiced yoga, extrasensorics, manual therapy, Shinkageryu ( kenjutsu ). Andrey Skorikov has been practiced Aikido for the 25 years already under the supervision of the leading instructors of Japan and Russia.  

3, Pokryshkina street, Moscow, Russian Federation. Telephone: +7 (926) 535-9166; +7 (916) 554-7189, E-mail: